Winding-Belts? HPS is customer’s choice no. 1 – Your reliable partner!

If you are going to use Winding-Belts from HPS for the first time, we kindly ask you to observe the following instructions, because HPS-Belts might be handled differently, compared to other belts. The most important thing is to understand that our belts exactly meet the requirements of the spiral-system, which other belts only do inadequate. Due to that reason we kindly ask you, especially the machine operators, to familiarize yourself with the diversity in application.

We grow with the requirements and problems of our customer!

We constantly enhance our existing product to ensure that we supply our customers always with the latest technology. In close cooperation with our customers (manufacturer of spiral sleeves or combo-cans) we have developed and tested our belts. But unfortunately the winding-belt is still not considered with a high importance, even though the belt is such an essential link between the machine and the product itself. Due to that fact the manufacturers should keep the highest attention to this important spare part!

The praxis has shown that it is disadvantageous to use only one belt-dimension to cover a huge range of diameter. It is better to wind the individual product with an individual adjusted winding-belt. Therefore the correct length is crucial. Furthermore you will be able to eliminate problems like slippage, thorn hike, etc. by using an individual adjusted belt.

The right Quality…

User of our belts will reach the most satisfying result if they make sure that the adhesion of the surface of the winding-belt will match the texture of the cover-sheet or the label. Both components, winding belt dimensions and surface finish, usually already eliminate the majority of existing or known issues. HPS - winding belts will give you the opportunity to bring all the components in compliance if the user will consistently pay attention to the following details:

Select the degree of hardness = adhesion of the winding belt must be in accordance to the texture of the cover sheet

Hardnesses of the coating material: 35 - 90 Shore A

  • 55 - 65 Shore-A = soft
  • 70 - 80 Shore-A = medium
  • 85 - 90 Shore-A = hard

Before choosing the right dimension of the winding-belt, please pay attention to HPS can offer:

  • ATTENTION:The general rule for the mid-range of sleeves is, that the width of the winding-belt must be 5 less than the cover-sheet.
  • Length: no limits
  • Width: up to 400 mm = 15.75" (more per request)
  • Thickness: up to 50 mm = 2.00" (more per request)
  • ATTENTION: Limitation in dimension at belts with ½ turn.